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Uruha’s walk.


Uruha’s walk.

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VAMPS Beast Party 2014 ♥♥♥

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Kinkyori Renai Teaser [Close Range Love] (Translations.)

Starring: Yamapi, Komatsu Nana

Yamapi (Haruka Sakurai): I definitely won’t let you escape, so prepare yourself.

Komatsu Nana (Uni Kurugi): Please move away.

Narration: An all time-high tsundere teacher and a cool genius high school girl.

Yamapi (Haruka Sakurai): You…do you always suppress your feelings like that?

I fell in love with a teacher who was close yet far.

Komatsu Nana (Uni Kurugi): I hate him…and I think he’s the worst, but even so…even so…I like Sakurai-sensei!

Close Range Love.

Translations: Us

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mr i-will-flirt-with-the-entire-female-student-body-then-tell-you-it’s-a-joke sakurai

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Asakusa by Super Jet on Flickr.
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Ikuta Toma has yet another major movie role “newspaper mask man” (not sure if the movie called this, this is what I got from translation) that is planed to publish early summer next year..Right now I can only read from Google translated so may not be 100% accurate translation but the movie role is confirmed. Yoshihiro Nakamura will be the director. It’s a live action of popular comic of Tsutsui Tetsuya where Toma will play a terrorist criminal famous on the internet for wearing a newspaper on his head. The famous handsome (yata handsome criminal..) sealed with newspaper mask hiding except his eyes. The Hero hid his face with newspaper mask made through a video sites, target and kill those who have committed a crime that are not punished by laws. It’s said that actions are one after another. Co-actors including Toda Erika(25)is going to inspector role that coming closer to the culprit. Ryohei Suzuki(31), Hamada Gaku (26), Arakawa Yoshiyoshi(40) play member of the criminal group center by the hero mask man (Toma). It is said that 30% of the scenes will be in mask appearance unfortunately for fan, we won’t able to see his handsome face..LOL Producer of the film said Toma was chosen for his eyes, he said Toma’s eyes are intense.. and beautiful (hehe I added this..) The article is really long, but I didn’t really get most of it. I will wait for English translation to read some more.

source: http://www.hochi.co.jp/entertainment/20140812-OHT1T50015.html

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Robin Williams’ passing is a reminder that those who make us laugh the most are usually fighting the biggest demons.

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do not let robin williams die in vain, use his death as a lesson and a reminder than anybody can suffer from depression no matter their outward behavior or reputation.

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